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Our Goal
The aim of The Field Engineer community is to create a global community to support Engineers across the world.

A Field Engineer often works on their own, and under pressure.

A Field engineer faces logistical challenges, technical challenges, and time pressure challenges.

The job of Field Engineer can put a strain on personal and family life – having to juggle work time, personal time, and family time.

The challenges a Field Engineer faces can lead to physical as well as mental health problems.

The Field Engineer community is a place where engineers can share their experiences, their successes as well as their failures, their good days and bad days, and their emotional highs and emotional lows.

Our community members can help each other to succeed in their daily work life and build successful careers.

Our members support each other with their emotional as well as technical and engineering challenges.

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The Field Engineer is a community for everyone in field-based engineering, wherever their location and whatever their industry – Electronic engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural engineering, marine engineering, etc.
The community welcomes Field Service Engineers, Field Process Engineers, Field Applications Engineers, Field Sales Engineers, Commissioning Engineers, Biomed, HSE’s and anyone else who either works in the field or works in supporting engineers working in the field.

When you join The Field Engineer community the content within the community stays within the community.

We do not do politics, we do not do hate speech, we do not do racism.

Our aim is to be a truly global community and to treat every member equally.

The Field Engineer community has members in 110+ countries

We are a global community, whose members are from across the world and are happy to share their local expertise.

Supporting women in field engineering

We strongly support women in engineering. Women in field based engineering face specific challenges including a lack of good quality PPE designed for female engineers, unconscious as well as conscious bias, and a field engineering work management system predicated on a male work force.

Finding your next Job or your next hire

Another goal of The Field Engineer is to have the largest Job Board specifically for Field based Engineering vacancies.

By creating a go to place for field engineers, we want our Job Board to offer our visitors and members the best selection of field service and support job opportunities, for when they are job hunting.

Many of our members are Managers or Directors of Field Service, we know they struggle to hire the talent they need.

We want to support them to find the talent they need through our The Field Engineer Job Board.

We offer talent acquisition teams a Job Board dedicated to Field Service, Field Sales, Field Applications, and all Customer support, and Field Engineering related vacancies.

A Job Board where they can find suitable candidates by advertising on The Field Engineer Job Board.

Job Posting Subscriptions to The Field Engineer Job Board can be purchased here.

Future Plans


We have an events page where Exhibition, Trade show, and Event organisers can advertise and promote their events. It is currently Free to advertise on the Events Page . We will be adding a new events page on The Field Engineer Store site soon.

The Field Engineer Store
We plan to offer a full online store for tools, software, equipment, travel discounts, and The Field Engineer merch.

If you are an equipment provider and would like to sell your products in our store, or to offer our members discounts on your products please get in touch.

The Field Engineer Learning Platform

Learning providers who wish to offer relevant learning tools and courses to our members can also contact us about selling your learning to our members.

Advertising on The Job Board, selling products and services through our Store or our Learning and Development portal, Website Advertisements, are chargeable services which can be purchased in The Field Engineer Store

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We welcome anyone who has an interest in supporting the Field Engineering community.

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Currently Standard Members do not see advertisements when they are logged in.

Standard Membership will continue to be free. To help support the free membership Standard Members will soon receive advertisements when logged in.

To continue using the site Ad Free from September 2023, you can purchase an Ad Free membership for 1 GBP per month or Ad Free Membership for one payment of 10 GBP for a year.

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