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The Field Engineer Store is now open to vendors to register in our Multi-Vendor marketplace.

If you are interested in registering as a Vendor, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Fill in the Vendor Registration Form and then we can start a discussion about what you want to sell, and how the Store can operate.

Filling in the Vendor registration form is an invitation to treat, and does not oblige you or The Field Engineer Ltd to you becoming a Vendor on this site.

Invitation to Vendors to sell products in our Store

Having the Store as a Multi-Vendor marketplace means that you as a supplier of Learning tools and services can offer training through your own store, and you are not tied in to one Learning Management System in The Field Engineer community.

You also have a wider market, as you can sell your services to people who are not part of The Field Engineer community, while benefiting from our global network.

The Field Engineer community website remains focused on career development, mutual support, and networking.

Focusing on building relationships, and learning from friends and colleagues across the world.

The Field Engineer Job Board on a separate website

The Field Engineer Job Board is now on a separate website and will go from strength to strength.

Thanks for supporting The Field Engineer community
Tim Robertson

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